Whether your parkade is a multi-level high-rise or a subterranean structure, or simply the flat parking lot used by many business parks and strip malls, you need a comprehensive parking management solution that will take a load off your shoulders. Federal is proud to be in a position to offer you all the services necessary to keep your parkade clean, well maintained and secure.

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cash control


In ensuring reliable cash control and revenue collection, we:

  • Put control measures in place to maximise parking revenue
  • Collect payment from casual and monthly parkers
  • Conduct accurate and complete reconciliations on monthly and daily basis
  • Make daily deposits
  • Keep accurate reports of all revenue
  • Federal carries full risk and liability of revenue and revenue interest until it is in your bank account.
staff training


All our staff are required to attend regular Skills Development Training programmes in order to improve on their:

  • Effective use of equipment and facilities
  • Customer service
  • Customer relationship management
  • Prescribed standard procedures for any given situation that might occur in a parking facility
  • Directors personally involved.


We provide, install, manage and maintain the following equipment:

  • Entry devices/ticket dispensers
  • Exit devices/ticket readers (barcode and magnetic strip capability available)
  • Pay stations
  • Monthly permit access control
  • Signage and disclaimers
  • Central computers
  • Manual cashier stations
  • Discount validation devices
  • Wiring Network
  • Basic spare parts
  • Consumables

Federal is also equipped to maintain your bay demarcation and surfaces. Due to tyre wear, parking traffic lines and bay markings become worn and faded within a 12 month period, depending on the usage the parkade sees. Federal provides a well-equipped technical team to resurface and repaint worn lines after hours so as not to inconvenience clients or cause damage to cars. Spraying equipment is also available for surface areas.

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